My service was down, am I going to get paid for it?

[First post, sorry for formatting. English is also not my native language, so thank you for understading! TL;DR at the bottom.]

So I work in a Backoffice/2nd Line team at a call centre for a Telecommunication company (GSM service, ADSL/FTTH services, etc). And I get a request to call a customer and explain why his FTTH (TV and internet) service is suspended (he didn’t pay his last two invoices).

So I call him and he seems like an old man (around 50/60ish). This is how the conversation goes down:

Me: Sir regarding your account suspension, you haven’t paid your last invoices and that’s why your service is currently not working. I can, as an exception, reactivate your service right now but you must secure payment within three days or it will be suspended again until the payment enters our system.

Costumer: I would appreciate that, I will pay after tomorrow.

Me: No problem, I just reactivated your service. It may take up to an hour for it to start working, just restart your equipment if it doesn’t work and it should be good to go. Anything else I can help you with?

Costumer: Yes, about the two days my service didn’t work… am I… going to get credit for that?

Me (confused): I’m sorry, I didn’t understand your question… Regarding the two days that your service was suspended, you won’t be billed for them since it was suspended. So you don’t pay for the days the service is suspended. Your invoice will show two different lines, one until the day the service got suspended and one starting today, when you’re service got reactivated.

Costumer: And you won’t give me credit? My service didn’t work for two full days! I couldn’t use it.

Me: No Sir. The service didn’t work because the invoices weren’t paid. In order to guarantee that the service stays working, you must ensure the invoices are paid on time. We cannot give you money for a service that was suspended for lack of payment.

Costumer: Oh… Ok. Didn’t hurt trying, did it?

TL;DR: Costumer didn’t pay for his invoices, got service suspended for two days. Wanted a credit for the time he didn’t have a service working.

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