Money on express delivery could have put food on the table

So long time lurker first time poster cause I’ve never thought I had some story to post then I remember working for a popular sports store which will be called Shoe storage for security.

I worked for Shore storage over the Christmas break as my first real job (I worked door to door sales before). We mainly dealt with online orders if people had complaints about it or wanted to know where it was at the moment.

Now this company was horrible to work for (and when i worked there, horrible to order from as well) we had an express delivery which stated on the website “1-2 days” for £12 BUT in the terms and conditions it shows that it actually was 3-4 days, (We got SO MANY calls about it, that it became a theme and in Christmas time, lets just say i was told i ruined 5 kids Christmas’s because of this). Important to remember this part as this is what the guy complained about.

But anyway so onto the story C will be customer M will be me

M : Good afternoon thank you for calling shoe storage my name is jezzibell how may i help

C : Where is my order! I paid for express that stated 1-2 days on your website where it is!

M : Okay well do you have the order number i’ll be able to double check the location (already mentally preparing myself for the yelling)

M : Okay so i see the order is still in the warehous

C : That is ridiculous this should be delivered today you guys state 1-2 days on your website for £12.

M : Yes and i apologies about that but it shows in the terms and conditions which you agreed to that it is actually 3-4 days for the order to be put through

C : What an absolute joke! That £12 i spent on your so called express delivery yeah, that £12 coulda been food on the table for my kids!
M : I am sorry about that but i can assure you we will send it out as soon as we can

C : This is f*cking ridiculous, you charge me £12 for 3-4 days, nah that is wrong that could be food on the table right there

We go back and forth until he gets it all out and I can write up my report on the call, and out of curiosity i check the order, he bought a snap back hat….he was complaining that £12 could have been spent on food on the table and he bought a snap back hat…..I don’t miss that job in the slightest.

TL:DR customer was annoyed about spending 12 for express delivery claiming it could be spent on food, and he ordered a hat

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