"My instructions are clear!" No, no they’re not.

I have a dislike for gated or enclosed communities with the same street name FOR ALL THE STREETS and no building markers. This grows with every customer I have to deal with that claims it is simple if the driver just follows their instructions. I’m sorry, but saying “Go down A-street, I’m the fourth house at the end of A-street. I’m on the left” when all the streets in your community are A-street does not work. At this point, I don’t care if you are a senior citizen, a scout leader, a veteran, veterinarian, a lawyer, a doctor, or a celebrity, if your instructions are equally as vague, you are complicating this for everyone, and I hope you stub your pinky toe.

We could not deliver an order the other day due to the same reason. Customer was convinced their note was as detailed as it could be. It was not.

Me: Sir, I do apologize. I’m using google maps to see if I can help in making a detailed note.

Community member: Why? My instructions are clear! How can you make them more detailed?!

Me: I understand, but I’m also trying to make sure our drivers know where to go. I’m using your directions, but it seems A-street wraps around the entire community. Would the driver need to go left or right at the entrance.

Community member: What do you mean? Who in their right mind goes left?! You go right! Whenever you enter a complex, you always go Right.

Me: (That’s not how this works, but okay. Moving on.) I see. So when they go Right, is this 4 houses down from there? Or….

Community member: No! Follow A-street until they get to the corner, turn the corner (on the map they make a left) and I’m right there at the end of A-street!

Me: I see. There are two rows of houses. So this is to the house on the left, heading North?

Community member: Yes!

Me: Thank you very much. I do appreciate that you took the time with me to navigate this. So, to confirm, when the driver enters the community, they have to make a Right, follow A-street to the end, make a Left at the corner, count 4 houses down, and your home will be on the left.

Community member: Yes! If you’re able to do it on a computer, I don’t know why they can’t!
Me: Well, gated/enclosed communities can be a bit confusing sometimes. Each is very different. Since there’s no building number they can reference, they didn’t want this to be delivered to the wrong home. I’ve updated the delivery instructions as well. You are more than welcome to use this for future orders.

Community member: Hopefully.

We delivered the order this morning, with no issue. His e-mail was “FINALLY A COMPETENT DRIVER!” It was the same driver… I legitimately laughed.

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