But do we have to cry over it?

I work for an American wireless company (trust me you’ve heard of them. They’re probably your TV & ISP provider too.) Mostly I handle tech support for cell phones and every so often I handle billing issues. When a customer calls in we have to verify their passcode. Matter of fact, if we can’t verify the passcode, we can’t even see their account. That’s where this starts. In this dramatization I’ll be VK and the customer will be CC (crying customer). There are numbers in the story, but they are not her actual passcode. And due to this customer having what’s called a “combined” bill (meaning she has 2 or more services with us) I don’t have authorization to reset her passcode like I normally would. Also it’s late enough that the combined billing department is closed, so no help there.

VK: Hi, my name is VK, how can I help you?

CC: *screaming* I DON’T CARRY MY PHONE ON ME! I am 90 years old and I don’t carry my phone on me all the *** time! You people have this ringer set too fast and I want you to fix it!

Translation: She leaves her phone in different areas of the house and can’t make it to the phone when it rings the normal 3-4 rings.

VK: I can help with that! May I have your name please?

CC: (throwing attitude) My name is MRS. CC.

VK: Thank you ma’am, and may I have your account passcode?

CC: 1234

type in passcode, fail

VK: I’m sorry, but that didn’t match our system. Is there anything else you could have used?

CC: (angry) NO! My passcode is 1234. 1. 2. 3. 4. Why can’t you get that right?

I’m looking at her passcode, I can see what it is

VK: Unfortunately it is not. If you can’t remember your passcode we can still verify you with the answer to your security question –

CC: And what is that? My first car? My first pet? The size of my right toe? I don’t need to give you any of that information, I just want you to FIX MY PHONE! (starts talking between sobs) … [company name] has removed all humanity. I just want my phone to work, and you just keep asking me for numbers. I’ve already told you it’s 1234. Why are you doing this to me?

VK: I want to help you, I really do, but this something we have to do first. Are you sure you don’t want to try the security question?

This part is true, without verification I can’t even tell what kind of phone she has, and she has made it plain she doesn’t know either.

CC: (still crying, it’s kind of pitiful, really) Why are you being so mean to me? I don’t want to give you any more information.

VK: Then I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to refer you to a store so they can verify your account for you.

From this point CC launches into a tirade about how the store closest to her is a bunch of Millennials that don’t care about helping her and are always on their phones. I offer to set an appointment for her at the next closest store (that’s 2 miles from her as opposed to the first store, which is 1 mile). She hangs up on me, still wail-sobbing.

TL;DR: customer gets upset and cries at me because I can’t access her account without her passcode. Sad part is that her passcode was the numbers she was telling me in reverse, but I can’t give her hints like that past “Is there *anything* else you could have used?

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