Lady, you should probably talk to your son…

I work in a call centre for a big UK based bank. Yesterday I was on the late shift, and get a call at about 8pm – it was the mother of the account holder, asking me to block his debit cards for security. He had rung her to say that he’d arrived at a house party, and had his wallet stolen from his jacket (his phone had been in his jeans) which had contained his two banks cards and about £300 cash.

Me: I’ll certainly block the cards so that no one can use them, but I’ll need to speak to the account holder before I can reissue new debit cards, so if he could give us a call himself at his earliest convenience we’ll arrange that.

Lady: Thanks, I hope he’s alright, I mean he seemed it, I just can’t understand why he had that much cash on him? Why would a 15 years old need to take £300 to a house party anyway?

I brushed it off with a general “Ooh, yeah I’m not sure, I hope he’s alright too” but was thinking just one thing to myself…

Drugs. Lady, your son almost definitely withdrew that money for drugs. Damn I wish I could have said something to her but it was definitely not my place 😂

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