I was threatened, I think?

This is somewhat longish.

I work in car insurance and have a lot of foreign customers that don’t know what hire and reward is or NCD or what an excess is so I take my time on the calls and make they say ‘I understand’ before hanging up so I can never get pulled up by anything.

So cue story.

Customer comes through and wants to make sure his insurance went through okay (not too weird, people don’t always trust online)

Found his policy with vehicle reg number and found 2 active policies, one under company name, one under a private name.

So we were going to need to cancel the old policy and just leave the newer one running with 2 vehicles on it. He said he was going to use them for his company so makes sense to cancel the private insurance, before I cancelled it though I wanted to go over the new policy and match up the incorrect details that he’d put on his new policy.

Upon further querying, he told that a charity has hired his company to pick up charity donations and drop them off at their depot and then informed me he’s getting paid for it.

Ergo, hire and reward.

I then spent the next 40 minutes arguing with him about what hire and reward is. (He thought hire and reward meant his vehicle was hired)

When I argue with customers I can get quite heated, I had a few of my teammates looking over at me and laughing cause they could hear me ranting on. While I argue, I still never shout, I just take less and less crap.

He said at one point, that as a company we want customers to lie to us. I told him that we don’t, if you lie on a policy all you do is screw over yourself because if you use it for something and don’t have the right cover and get in an accident, your insurance is invalid.

I explained that to him and told him there are insurance companies that will cover him but that we can’t.

Progressingly the situation deescalated when he said he finally said he understood me and we finally managed to get the company policy cancelled, we gave him a few extra days on the personal one since the renewal was only in a few days.

At some point he had asked for my name, I only gave him my first, never my last. Not a lot of people have my spelling so it’s easy to find me.

Then after sorting everything, queried where in Scotland we are based and I told him.

And right as we were finishing the call he complimented my voice and said it would be easy to recognise it.

The last thing he said to me was ‘ I look forward to seeing you’ and hung up.

Honestly I was scared shitless. I had to take a few minutes after the call to breathe, I mean with all that information he could definitely track me down at work.

It might take him a while but he could do it.

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