I’m not paying $50 to overnight a letter to you…

For some reason, I get a sup call almost every day at like 4:58 (I leave at 5). I think I must have pissed off the gods, or been a serial killer in a past life. Today, a customer didn’t receive the claim form I mailed her (yes, second time speaking to her as a supervisor) last week. She couldn’t grasp the fact that I have no control over the mail once it leaves my building. So, she was demanding I overnight it to her. Lady… I’m not paying $50 to overnight a form to you… it’s not MY fault you don’t have email, otherwise you would have it in 30 seconds. You will just have to wait 3 business days like everyone else.

Oh! And she got pissed when we offered the ability to go into a branch because “there’s a foot of snow on the ground”… and you wonder why you’re having issues getting your mail???

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