They said something unexpected. Time to panic!

Coaching good calls is less about product knowledge than a smooth customer experience. Give the impression of competence, whether you know what you’re doing or not.

And then there’s Val. Val knew her stuff inside and out, but was still constantly putting people on hold or mute to ask questions she already knew the answers to. It got a bit tedious running over to her desk all the time to say “well what do you think? Yes that’s right.” Customers were getting a little irritated too.

So I decided to spend an hour sitting with her, listening to her calls, and reassuring her that she does indeed know what she’s doing.

It ended up taking most of an afternoon but we were making progress. Val started just giving an answer and then asking for confirmation, rather than saying “I don’t know” to everyone.

Cx: “So will it work that way every time?”

Val: “Yes, I think so. One sec though I just want to confirm.”


Val: “It does work that way every time right?”

I nod.


Val: “Ya, every time…”

After about five calls where all I do is nod, it’s just about time to tell her that she does indeed know this stuff and should just go ahead and give people the first answer that pops in her head.

But then…

Val: “Thank you for calling XYZ, this is Val…”

Cx: “XYZ? I was trying to reach CNIB!”

Val: “What?”

Cx: “Isn’t this CNIB?”

Val’s eyes go wide as she practically screams: “They’re calling for CNIB! What do I do!?

I cringe and say: “First, hit mute.”

She scrambles for the mute button as I explain how to tell someone that they’ve dialed a wrong number.

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