A "dumb customer" situation… with a justified reason

Hello, y’all! Long time Reader, second time posting. I got a lot of stories from all Call Centers I’ve been at. In fact, I just posted my first Call Center story at r/TalesFromCallCenters, but this one is from my time as Tech Support for the Red “Vee”, in which it takes an unexpected turn in the end. Here’s the call (Cx = Caller. WK = Me)

(Opening greeting, getting phone# which they are calling for and verifying customer)

WK: How may I help you today?

Cx: I’m having issues with our internet connection. At times it disconnects, at times it just goes really slow.

WK: No problem, sir. Are you on a laptop or a desktop? (We asked this to determine whether it’ll be a cable issue or just resetting the modem, which worked about 90% of the time)

Cx: Oh, I don’t have a computer.

**(I was like “Oh son of a…” “Really, caller? Really…?”)**

WK: Uhm… sir, then are you using any other device to go online?

Cx: No, I don’t have any devices. (This was 2011)

WK: Uhm… you normally need to have a device to go online.

Cx: Well, my son has his laptop, but he takes it with him to school, so I don’t have a computer or anything.

*(Ooooooh. NOW this makes sense)*

WK: I understand, sir. But we normally need a computer to check and see what could be the issue. When your son comes back and has his laptop, give us a call so we can definitely assist you.

Cx: Oh, ok. Thank you.

WK: Thank you for calling (Company), have a nice day!

I’ve gotten quite a lot of dumb customers, but at least this one had an acceptable excuse.

**TL;DR: Customer calls to report no internet, then tells me he has no computer (or device); but explains son has computer but he’s not at home ATM.**

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