The mute button is dangerous

Back in my early call center days we got all the angry customers. Not only did they have to sit on hold to get through, sometimes an hour or more (very small call center) but when they did get someone, we often had to redirect them to the correct provider. And we didn’t have the ability to transfer. Just, “here’s the number. Ok. Thanks. Byeeeeee.”

Well, it had a particularly long shift and I was beyond burned out. I actually got a call from the provider. She had to ask a question if her co-worker while we were on the phone. Instead of putting me on hold, she just talks to her co-worker. And while waiting for the answer to whatever she asked, I pressed mute to complain. Or so I thought.

I leaned back in my chair and said, “this is so annoying! She’s breathing all heavy in my ear.”

The caller clears her throat and says, “I’m sorry. That’s just how I breathe.”

And that’s when the use of the mute button was banned.

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