Dissatisfied customer shows up to our call center looking for me

I took a shift at a center I used to be full time at but now am just a floater. They rarely get calls and are way over staffed. I took a double, because easy money.

First shift, I got 5 calls. 3 of them were solved by helping the caller navigate the company’s website. One was pretty clearly the customer’s screw up but whatever I gave them a 10% off voucher and our sincere apologies, they came away happy. One though, was one of those where the caller picks up already determined to be upset no matter what. I’ll just skip right to the part that’s relevant because the call went on for 25 minutes. (Average call time here is 3.5 minutes.)

AC= Angry Caller Me=Me

AC: And another thing is, I haven’t even used it once this month.

Me: Yes Ma’m, you’ve mentioned that. Unfortunately—

AC: Are you ready to tell me what I want to hear?

Me: Well, like we were talking about before, since this month’s billing cycle is already completed, what I can do for you is halt auto renewal starting next month.

(this was the sixth or seventh time I’ve told her this)


(She hadn’t cursed at me until this point, so it went from 30 to 60 all of a sudden.)

Me: Ma’m, we can’t tolerate that kind of language. Now, I’ve explained your options, I’m going to need for you to pick one or there isn’t anything else I can—


She disconnects.

I figured that was the end of it. Finished out the shift. Started the next one. Then came time for my break so I went to grab a nap in my car.

Wake up, head back inside, and hear screaming. Thought maybe an agent had lost it and was flipping on a caller. Nope. AC was standing in my cubicle, throwing shit off my desk, screaming for me to “come out of hiding.” My coworkers were insisting to her that I was not there.

She didn’t look like she was playing with a full deck. Makeup all unevenly applied and wearing pajama pants.

I just wanted her out without the supervisor getting involved and sending me home thereby cutting my easy money shifts short.

AC had all but cleared my desk and kept shouting stuff along the lines of “WHERE IS SHE WHERE IS THAT CUNT??? I KNOW YOURE HERE COME OUT.”

So I said “Oh are you looking for Blackhillsblonde?” “YES” “Check the parking lot, she just left.”

AC ran out. Unfortunately, that didn’t work for more than a few minutes and we needed to call the police. There was an incident report filed, but I was allowed to finish my shift! I just found out today she got our address by finding out what call center serviced customer service for the company she was calling, then found our address from a job posting for customer service reps for this company. Yikes.

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