Why can’t you fix an issue I maybe might possibly have one day in the future?!

Apologies in advance for mobile formatting and all.

Today I spent over an hour on a call that had no resolution. I laughed, I cried, I contemplated quitting just to tell this guy to go shove it.

I will be me and IG will be ignorant guy

Me: Thanks for calling blah blah blah

IG: Yeah so I read about this issue online with a software update and I am calling to say I won’t update until you tell me how to fix this.

Me: Okay lets take a look… tries giving troubleshooting steps to resolve said issue

IG: No! You don’t understand! I’m not having the issue! I just saw people online are having this issue and until you can tell me a fix for it I refuse to update

Me: Okay I understand your concerns with the update if you are seeing these issues happening to others. Let me take a look at some information.

proceeds to search all internal databases for said issue. Nothing is found, surprise surprise.

Me: Okay sir I took a look and this doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue for our customers. In fact I am not seeing any specific cases regarding the update and that issue.

IG: Well that is ridiculous! Google it! You will see it! Important internet news are talking about this issue!

Me: It is completely understandable for you to be concerned about this issue as I completely get the impact it would have on your daily use of the device but this issue can be caused for multiple reasons and unless you are currently experiencing the issue there is no troubleshooting that can be done.

Cue I am very important businessman and you owe me money personally if this issue happens. I refuse to troubleshoot if the issue happens and refuse to accept that you can’t troubleshoot something not occurring!

I continue explaining that if the issue happens we will be happy to resolve it for him, but as there are no known issues with the update and I have not had any calls or heard of any calls regarding this issue, I can’t tell him what the definite fix would be, I can only explain our regular steps for said issue.

Customer proceeds to yell at me about how I am incompetent and that I am just refusing to give him the correct information and requests a supervisor, which is something I cannot do as I am a supervisor.

IG: My phone is 100% charged and plugged in and I refuse to hang up until you give me the answer I want.

I ended up putting this guy on hold and crying for 5 minutes before collecting myself to explain that I gave him an answer and if he didn’t like it I was going to hang up.

Honestly it only got worse from there until I was eventually able to get him off the line because he was refusing to cooperate to him telling me he was “very disappointed in my customer service”

I need a new job.

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