“Who runs your twitter account?”

Hi Guys!

First time poster to the sub and my first time working in a call center.

So I work for a casino call center and I have only been here for the last 2 weeks so I’m still trying to figure my way out with questions thrown my way (especially if it comes to casino terminology, I’m essentially screwed lol) most of my calls are just folks redeeming their prize giveaways and answering any questions our guests have for us.

I’m sure most of you guys have heard or at least seen the R. Kelly docu-series on lifetime. I’m not about to get into it other than the man is gross and understand why most people are “muting” him. M- for me HR-High roller.

M-“Thank you for calling ____ casino, my name is tacos, how may I assist you?”

HR-“Hi, I know this may seem like a strange request but I was wondering, who runs ____ Twitter?”

M-“That would be something for marketing, I believe.”

HR-“Well, the reason I’m asking is because I went to your company’s twitter page and noticed that they follow R. Kelly. I’m a high stakes roller and I spend lots of money at your casino and I don’t want to spend my money at any company that supports that man. I just watched the documentary and was disgusted with everything just because not that I was directly affected by it but someone in my family was so it hit close to home and I just wanted to know if ____ casino supports that man because if they do, then I’ll just take my business elsewhere.”

Wtf. Guys I was caught so off guard and didn’t know what to say but just told him that I would put him on hold. I managed to ask one of the supervisors about this request and she was baffled that someone would give a shit what a company does when it comes to marketing and social media. She just told me to send it to a specialist who would take the complaint and send it to the appropriate department. She talked shit about the guy but I agreed with him personally since I understand where he is coming from. But I’m obviously not going to start a conversation with my new supervisor about this kind of stuff so I just walked away after asking if she managed to get his account since I forgot to get it from him.

Have any of you guys been through something like this?

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