You have a meeting? With who? What department? Tell me something! Anything!

I work as an operator for the main phone line of my university. The first number you find on google leads you to me or my fellow operators. We know basic information and can give advice based on our experiences as students, but most of the time we just transfer to other departments. I get a lot of stupid calls as you can imagine and this one is no exception.

Me: Thank you for calling [university] this is u/ajosiebee speaking.

Caller: Hi yes I need to speak to them to tell them I’ll be late for my meeting.

Them? Who is ‘them’?

M: Your meeting? Are you meeting with an advisor?

C: Yes

M: Okay no problem. Can you tell me your major?

(I need to know the major so I can transfer him to the correct advising office)

C: I just need to speak with my advisor.

This GUY. Is he serious?!

M: Yes sir, but what is your major? Are you decided or exploratory?

C: Can you tell them I’m going to be late?

Holy shit.

M: Sir this is the operators’ office. I do not work in the same department as your advisor. Can you please tell me your major so I can forward your call?

C: It’s uhh… General

M: …

C: Exploratory science I think?

M: Alright I’ll transfer you over to exploratory advising. One moment please.

Goodness. Some people can be so slow. How are you calling and you hardly know what you’re calling about? People my age can be seriously dumb sometimes.

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