The call that made my IQ drop 50 points

I work for a moderate sized local financial institution, so it isn’t unusual for us to become acquainted with our frequent fliers. It also isn’t out of the ordinary for us to get the “slick” customers that call back two minutes later to ask the same question thinking they will get a different rep and the answer that they want to hear.

We have a small short term loan product that requires direct deposit. There are just a couple of stipulations to meet and once you meet them, you are good to go. I had a customer inquire about this product and I explained it to her and told her that she did in fact qualify. She then proceeds to correct me, and ask me about the loan that she doesn’t have to pay back. I must have heard wrong, I tell myself. She must be a master of deadpan humor, I tell myself because by its very nature a loan is something you must pay back.

After she finishes her synopsis of her account opening 6 months ago and how she was told about this miraculous loan product, I apologize for the “misunderstanding” and explain what makes a loan a loan. While she leaves the conversion a little irritated, she does appear to be a little more “enlightened” or so I thought.

About three minutes later she calls back angry and swearing (keep in mind she doesn’t realize she is talking to the same rep). I tell her it was me that she had spoken to and we don’t have, never had and will never have a loan that you will never have to pay back. She demands to talk to someone else who is not stupid and is better educated on this product, not realizing the irony of that statement. I finally had to say that I was sorry because there was mo one that I could transfer her to, because they would tell her what I was telling her. After screaming profanities and insulting me she finally hung up. Yes this really happened.

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