“You are here for the customer first!”

No, I’m sorry, I’m here for me first.

I have been at my call center for about 7 years now, and the position has had its ups and downs. Recently though we have been taking in more and more responsibilities in my department, and here has been very little gratitude shown, and forget any raises.

So starting this year, out incentive package drastically changed for the worse. By my calculations I will probably take a 5-7 or so percent paycut because of it.

Yesterday, we had a meeting with our department head, and I brought up the changes, and how they are negatively impacting our lives. I also mention that we are taking responsibility for so many more customers and not getting compensated in anyway.

As had been the case before, the answer was he title of the post…which frankly I’m sick of hearing. I am at this job for me first…I will try to help the customer as best I can, but I want to make money, and when you start fucking with that you better bet that I will do the bare minimum, transfer anything that isn’t remotely in my job description, and basically not give a fuck.

BTW, my companies profits went up by 40% last year thanks to the tax cuts in the US. The project my department is handling is bringing 100’s of millions to the company and greatly increased our workload. We are all getting raises of around 1.5% this year (thanks trump tax cuts, but that is a different story).

Anyways, I am tired of different managers screaming at us about how we need to fix our priorities and start caring more about customers than ourselves. I will NEVER but the needs of the customer or a business that treats us like crap above my own.

TLDR; company giving more responsibilities, cutting pay while making boatloads of more money, management telling us to shut up when voicing concerns.

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