Finally figured how to get the panty creep to disconnect!

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I have worked in my call center for about 6 months. My coworkers and supervisors are great. I work for a company that has both a store for jeans and stuff and a somewhat separate store for bras and undies.

I work in phones, chat, and email, depending on the needs and queue. On chat, we have pervs. You can chat in anonymously, and unless it’s something threatening or dangerous, the customer won’t be investigated.

This one perv, who comes in regularly, will only talk to female named agents. I have talked to him many times. He talks for ages and messes up AHT. He starts by saying he’s lost a bet to some girls in his school/college and has to wear girls underwear for a week. We are not allowed to disconnect unless they really cross the line.

So this one starts regularly with him asking about underwear recommendations, and what should he wear because he’s lost the bet. He usually also asks about the agent’s underwear as well. I have had a horrible day and am giving no f*cks.

Me:”boyshorts, since they have more front coverage”

Pantyloser: I thought a thong would be better, then no one would know I was wearing girls underwear”

Me: “I don’t think thongs are a good idea, how about high rise briefs, more space for front things.”

Pantyloser: I don’t want anyone to see my pantylines through my leggings, don’t girls like thongs with leggings? I really don’t want anyone to know I’m wearing girls underwear. Do you like to wear thongs?

Me (fed up):Look kid, no one cares what underwear you have on. No one is looking. It’s all in your head that everyone is focused on you. Wear underwear for you, that makes you confortable. It’s not to please anyone else.

Pantyloser: but they’re going to check every day, to make sure I’m really wearing panties. They want to see them, but I don’t want anyone else to know.

(Finally I think of something I wish I would have thought of months ago)

Me:. Then it sounds like you’re being sexually harassed. I recommend you tell your teachers, parents, police, or school. Being bullied about sexual stuff is a serious matter.

Pantyloser: immediately disconnects.

I felt so victorious. I actually yelled “Yay!”. My supervisor looked concerned, another supervisor (female) was there too, and asked me what was up. I explained what had happened. Everyone knows the pantyloser, so I didn’t need to explain everything much. I got high fived by the female supervisor, and my own supervisor got a good laugh. It made my while fricking night better.

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