Not sure I can go back.

I just got home from work today.
I’m now trying to muster courage to go back tomorrow.

I am not a perfect agent but I try my best to stay as an honest one. I found out that in this line of work honesty is not the best policy. Regardless of what the policy says. Lately I have been dealing with cleaning mess that other agents did in the customers account. Sadly I’m the one getting the crap since I am the last one to touch the accounts.

I can blame the other agents, make things worse, I can report them and they’d for surely lose their jobs and that’s why I can’t. I can imagine them being like me trying to survive. I can imagine them being a parent who needs to make sure their kids have food on the table, someone whose the sole bread winner in their family.

So I can’t report them for making a promise (literally out of this world kind of promise) that’s impossible to keep just in order for them to get a good survey. I can’t report them for misleading a customer about information because if they tell the truth it will prolong the call and will affect their handling time. I can’t report them for doing an invalid transfer because again they’re doing what they need to do to survive. Now this not only applies to regular foot soldiers, I cannot also report supervisors, even managers whose doing the same things to maintain their team scorecard.

Bottomline, I am an honest loser who’d rather take the fall if I could to save someone’s future in this industry. My honesty is killing my stats. So this is why I’m thinking about leaving for good.

What do you think?

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  1. I’m right there with you. I don’t know where you work but I went home in tears Friday for exactly the same thing. I was told in so many words that I have great customer service but I need to quit fixing things, stop wasting time with people with problems, start finding more sale opportunities. Straight from the OM, we don’t care about their problems, we care about getting money. It was suggested that I allow people with poor sale opportunities to be accidentally dropped. I’m also told to embed products within bundles as if that is the only way you can get services. As long as we recap in the breakdown, it’s considered ethical. I’m struggling to keep my bills paid, as I’m taking care of more than just myself, or I’d walk. Sadly, I actually like my team, even my supervisors who calls out ACW times every 5 minutes lol but I absolutely hate the company practices. I can see why some agents cram/slam. Because the company would prefer you do that, just don’t get caught.

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