If I need that information I will ask

This is such a minor gripe but it happens almost every day and it’s baffling.

Me: Hi, welcome to (insurance provider) how can I help?

Customer: I just had some questions about my policies.

Me: No worries, can I grab your name and email there?

Customer: …… I have my policy number.

Me: Oh good, I’ll grab that after I’ve got your name and email.

Customer: Oh well what about the car’s number plate?

Me: ………. sure.

If I need your policy number or plate I will ask when I do!!!

And sure I can find them via the policy number or number plate but email is easiest for our system and if they have multiple polices it’s way faster.

Not to mention I’m required to get their name both for service and verification so at some point they will need to tell me.

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Not sure I can go back.

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