Meeting Customer Demands

My favorite part of being a call center rep is when you know the perfect resolution. The one that has a high chance of making the customer satisfied and all is golden. My least favorite part is when the customer DEMANDS that you do it before you even get a chance to say anything. It takes away your thunder.

Customer: This is the wrong item. This has been the wrong item for the last three orders. Why do I keep getting the wrong item.

Me in my head, while the customer’s talking : Shoot. Three orders, huh? It IS similar to another product. That’s probably why. I know what I’ll do, I’ll refund her this item and just send her a replacement. I’ll double it, since its been so many…and it’s cheap.

Me, to the customer: I’m so sorry this has becoming a recurring issue…

Customer: I want a refund for this item. I think its only fair that you send me a replacement for the last two orders.

And you can’t reply with “Ah ha! I was just about to offer that! Great minds think alike, am I right?” So I was stuck with a “Yes, of course. We’ll be happy to do so.”

Stop stealing my thunder, Susan!

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