"I am VERY distressed…"

Oh, my ever-loving deity.

I’m going to dive right in to this, but to preface, I work for a nation wide cable provider, said cable provider just removed FM radio channels from the cable service due to a loss in capability. i.e. something that level 1 tech support can do nothing about. We cannot even send messages to those in charge to forward complaints like this.

M: (me)

D: Distressed Lady

D: I am VERY distressed with your company today, you’re going to need to transfer me to your supervisors supervisor so I can get some help!

M: Can I ask what the problem is?

D: I was told by a supervisor that you NEVER had radio channels, but I was just watching it this morning, and now its GONE. This needs to be returned to me NOW.

M: Now when you say the radio channels, are you talking about our music channels? Because I can see that those are still available.

D: YOU’RE NOT UNDERSTANDING ME. How does anyone in your company not understand that my RADIO. STATIONS. are not coming in?

M: One moment, I’ll research this for you.

(Come to find out, apparently we did offer FM radio channels until this morning, but due to capability issues, it had to be removed. I cant fix this, a supervisor cant fix this, and I sure as hell cant contact anyone above a supervisor for this lady. Considering that I’ve been here over a year and my ENTIRE TEAM wasnt even aware that we even offered FM radio channels, I’m going to bet that very, VERY few customers are actually going to be affected. It sucks, but nothing can be done.)

D: THAT. Isnt good enough. YOU need to escalate this call to whoever can fix this for me RIGHT NOW.

(Lsiterally the people who make these decisions are a)not customer facing, and b)definitely not available this late at night. Yelling at me about it is not going to help your case.)

D: That radio is the ONLY reason I had your service. What do you expect I do for my radio now?

M: I understand the frustration, but unfortunately, we dont offer FM radio anymore.

Apparently, that was totally unacceptable, terrible customer service, and they are planning on cancelling service. Honestly? Go ahead lady, I really cant be bothered by you anymore. Yelling at the bottom line to get what you want will get you nothing.

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