It must be YOUR system! I’ve purchased from you before.

I work for a dress company and sometimes handle customer service. I had a lady call yelling that she’s placed 5 orders so far and none of them have gone through.

I check our system and can see that she attempted to pay 5 times with 2 different cards, but all were declined. I inform her that no orders have gone through and that the charges were unsuccessful. Best thing for her to do is to call her cc issued to check if they’re stopping her transaction due to the amount. One was declined and didn’t give say why. The other one says zip code did not match.

She says she just called her bank and that they told her the charges were authorized. I said, they may be authorized, but not captured, so the charge will show pending until tonight when they process the charge and see that it was declined. Again, contact your bank to make sure the billing is correct. Zip code shows incorrect.

We checked her billing address and she swears up and down that’s her correct billing. By now she starts yelling that she’s purchased through us before and she’s never had any problems! It must be our system because her bank approved it. I try looking for her order to confirm the address she entered last time but I couldn’t find it.

So she 3 way calls her bank with me on the phone. She proceeds to enter her account numbers wrong and the system can’t recognize her, so the rep gets on the phone and asks for her social. She says, “can you get off the phone?” I hung up that phone SO QUICK!

She calls back 10 seconds later saying she got disconnected and that we should 3 way them again. WTH. She told me to hang up. We call again and finally the rep said, “well we can verify your billing address. We have 3728 billing address street..”

She immediately interrupts,” I don’t know why you guys have MY OLD address!! Please hang up and I’ll reprocess my order with jennaharlequinn!”

He hung up and she kept saying ,”omg, I’m so sorry! I thought it was my current address.”

Had she listened to the beginning, she would have known her address was wrong!

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She’s not dead. She’s just not with us anymore that’s all.

You have a meeting? With who? What department? Tell me something! Anything!