She’s not dead. She’s just not with us anymore that’s all.

So another call from work today.

Me: Hello, can I please speak to Shelly?

Her: Oh I’m sorry, Shelly is no longer with us.

Me:…. oh I’m sorry to hear about that.

Her: She she retired. She is in a good place now.

Me: OK, I shall take her of the list then.

Her: Why, you can still call her.

me: Wait, what?

Her: yeah, she retired but she still has a number.

Me: ….. Oh you mean the other retirement. I thought you mean she passed.

Her: No she just is no longer with us. I can’t give you her number though. That would be rude. I’m sure you have her number.

Me: Um sure.

Her: Yeah good luck with speaking to her. Bye.

Me: Bye?

Hangs up. I just stare at the screen for 30 seconds.

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I think i got a dude fired.

It must be YOUR system! I’ve purchased from you before.