On my day off, I was low-key jamming to George Michael’s “Freedom! ’90” when I got a call. Being my day off, I was not about to answer it unless I had to. A few minutes later, I got a voice mail asking me to call work. When I called, I was informed that I’m being suspended while they investigate my calls. No further information would be given until they notify me of the results. So, I could get fired, and they won’t tell me why right now. I’m not even upset. This job has been terrible from the moment I hit the floor. Since I’ve started, there have been 4-5 times already that they’ve told us one thing, and done another. The bar is extremely high for us, but at the same time, they can’t even follow through with what they’ve told us they would do. Not only that, but there is NO policy to protect us from abusive callers. We were literally instructed to just not take it personally when we get yelled at and cussed out. My blood pressure has been higher than normal lately, so I’ve been using a meditation app to help manage my stress. This morning’s session advised removing stressful situations from my life. Now, I do prefer to have a job to go to when I leave from one, but I can’t help but notice all the signs the universe is sending today. Basically, if I lose this job it will be a loss of income, but it will definitely be an increase in my quality of life. And I am totally fine with that.

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