Dear Loyal Customers

Dear Loyal Customers,

I just want to say hello and a happy new year. A brand new start, a new beginning. I just want to let you know that its been an honor to serve you in the past years and thank you for staying in our company or continuing in using our service provided. I will continually provide you an excellent customer servive you truly deserve that’s my promise.

In return please kindly refrain if possible to call when you’re angry, when you just had a fight with your spouse,sibling or had a fallout with someone. In as much as we want to help you as a person we can only support you about our products.

Please do not contact us when its all too late. We all know that the reason you didn’t pay the bill because you did not receive a notification is a blatant lie. We all receive those dreaded messages on a regular basis. Turning our phones off nor ignoring emails is futile. Besides you know that you are using a service for your phone, cable, internet etc everyday so that should keep you reminded of your responsibilities. We can do something for you if you’re in a bind just don’t call when even all the kings horses and all the kings men cannot put your life together again sort of situation.

Please be reminded that before you sign up for anything or accept anything, read between the lines, literally. We’re not getting any younger so you should keep in mind that nothing in this world comes for free especially high end products. There’s always a catch! Now if you’re caught in the trap because you did not read the terms and conditions or have fallen with the sweet talking sales person’s charm, not to worry we can still find a way to work with you. You do need to work with us though. Even a toddler knows he/she needs to tell the truth if a mishap happens so he/she can be helped.

Last but not the least at this day and age, please remember, not all that you’ve watch in a sci-fi movie is applicable in reality. We cannot hacked into the system to change something for you in a jiffy. In the toughest situation that needed an escalation I am sorry to remind you the truth that it does takes time. Just don’t start screaming at me, its not going to get us anywhere. I can understand you’re upset and I am too because the previous rep simply chucked you to save his/her stats. However I am going to do everything in my power to resolve the issues you’re calling about.

So to you my loyal customers I am looking forward to a better relationship and interaction on the phone when you call. Thank you.


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