Does anyone else get hit on by customers at their call centre? I just don’t get it. It’s weird and always makes me feel super uncomfortable.

(LTL. FTP. On mobile sorry if this is terrible.)

Ok so it’s not like it happens every day but it averages out to about once every 6 months. I’ve worked in both the UK and AUS and the worst was someone clearly getting their rocks off over the phone which was promptly hung up on but normally it’s men asking for dates and saying you sound cute (wtf?)

Today for example. Now I had just gone through my monthly evaluation so call quality is in the forefront of my mind and my Team Leader had complimented me on my lovely tone of voice. Awesome.

So I’m talking to a customer who I was having a good call with and everything is running smoothly I’m giving all the info I need to but we’re having light conversation.

Next thing the customer, henceforth known as unexpected creep (uc) have this exchange:

Uc: so where are you based?

Not unusual to ask and people usually are just interested as we’re all over the state.

Me: oh I’m in (town an hour and a half from main city) there are 2 call centres one in (city) and one in (town).

Uc: so what are you doing after work? Just kidding I know these calls are recorded.

Me: ignores him. And thought about saying ‘going home to my fiancé’ but thought better of it. It may have just been an ill placed joke and no need to ruin the call. I then look back at his address and he’s near the city and the opposite side of the city to the town location so there’s no way, even if I was interested, that he’d be making the 2 hour drive on a Thursday night.

Keep pushing on with the call. I’ve booked an appointment with him to go to a service centre

Me: ok I’ve booked that for you and I can send you a text message with an appointment confirmation.

Uc: on what number?

Me: I can see the number on sir so I’ll text that one for you

Uc: oh no I was hoping you would text me from Your number. chuckles

Me: ha no – closes the call as quickly as possible.

I just don’t see why you would want to hit on someone at a) while they are working and b) when you can’t even see them? It’s not the worst one in the grand scheme of things but they rattle me every time. They can be a lot more persistent and blatant.

“You sound cute. Can we go on a date? Do you like bowling we can go bowling. Your boyfriend won’t mind”

Yuck. Gross. No thanks.

I don’t know, it’s just very frustrating. My call centre in the UK all the girls I knew had a story about a creep, but my new one in AUS it only seems to happen to me. The aus centre is significantly smaller than the uk on though.

Has anyone else had this problem? I just don’t want to feel alone. Rant over.

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