"Your saying its not your fault"… Even though its not MY fault "Did i say its not my fault?"

Crazy lady calling about her late package. Opening line “this is not my fault”. That’s what she says. I e mail the warehouse and apply express shipping, her response “I don’t believe you.” I go onto explain the process and the correct actions are being taken but if she “doesn’t believe me” then I can’t really change her perception so I’m sorry about that. She goes onto say can I speak with a manager because “your saying it’s not your fault” when I certainly never said anything that mindless? I was explaining the steps we took in her previous call and the steps we are taking now. So I replied “did I ever say it’s not my fault?” Even though it’s the first time I seen the order and it’s certainly not my fault per say, but oubviously it’s our fault her package is running late how can it be anyone else’s? She says yes I am but I clearly never said that. So I go onto say alright let me call the manager and I transfer the call. Do you guys think it was innappopriate or unprofessional for me to respond “did I ever say it’s not my fault?”. I’m debating whether or not it was. Like clearly I could have not said that but I really wanted to state that at no point did I even slightly suggest that. Thoughts?

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Does anyone else get hit on by customers at their call centre? I just don’t get it. It’s weird and always makes me feel super uncomfortable.

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