Irrationally angry for no obvious reason

I work in a Canadian telecommunications industry call center.

After authentication

ME: Alright, so you just want to move your services is that right? CUSTOMER: Yes, and I’d like to look at getting cable service, and bundling for around 100$ a month. M: ok, I’ll be more than happy to look at a bundle for you, did you have tv with us previously? C: YES, AND I DON’T WANT YOU TO LOOK AT BUNDLES, I WANT YOU TO OFFER THE GOVERNMENT MANDATED PACKAGE OPTION THAT YOUR COMPANY DOESN’T LIKE TO OFFER TO CUSTOMER OR TALK ABOUT. M: sir, you sound a bit angry all of the sudden… Did something happen recently with our company to make you feel like this? C: MY MOOD IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. M: well sir, if you are angry while talking to me it is my business… I am only trying to help you. C: I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER! M: ok, I’ll get someone C: GET ME YOUR MANAGER NOW! YOU CAN TAKE YOUR SENSITIVITY AND GO FUCK YOURSELF! M: sir, if you are going to speak to me like that I will have to disconnect the call. C: GOOD! GO FUCK YOURSELF! click

The customer was a younger guy. Why do people feel ok with calling into a service provider and getting irrationally angry with a complete stranger for no reason? I don’t normally get calls like this, a d I’ve worked on the industry long enough to be able to handle it. But honestly what is wrong with people?

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Today is the worst day of my life, but thank you for reminding my of one of my happiest.

Does anyone else get hit on by customers at their call centre? I just don’t get it. It’s weird and always makes me feel super uncomfortable.