Best Reason for Credit….Ever.

Well- I work for the largest telecom Company in the US… one of them anyway.. I take 1rst level, billing, tech, warranty, insurance,credit and general info questions.. I hear the most unreal reasons for credit. Here’s my best. A man called me last Saturday- Here’s the convo-

(M)me.    (C)customer

M- Thank you for calling abcdefg- how can I assist?

C- Hey- I need either my services reconnected or my money back.

M- Are there charges that are not valid sir??

C- Well, not really that ..but…Well my girlfriend spent the money I’d put aside to pay my wife and daughters phone bill. Now their phones are off…turn them on until I talk to her  ( girlfriend) about returning those damn shoes!!!

M- …………….uhhhhhhhh…..hmmmmm…… nooooooo

What do you think?

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