Customer had package stolen at a bar. Wants us to replace items.

It’s official. Best complaint I’ve received so far.

I work for a UK company that owns several popular clothing brands. Today, I was on E-Mail duty. Just before I clocked off, I opened an email from a customer wanting a hand out for a pair of shoes that got nicked when she weren’t looking shortly after she collected the parcel from store. She requested that we send her a replacement pair of shoes as she’s only 18 and she can’t afford another pair.

Another adviser had replied saying that as we have fulfilled the order correctly, we will not be providing Goodwill on this occasion because basically; it’s not our responsibility once the parcel has been collected if the customer has lost it. Perfectly reasonable.

Apparently not. Missus kicks off. She says that first of all she didn’t “lose” it, it was “stolen”. “It’s not as if I’m asking for a refund”. She spent her hard earned cash on a pair of shoes so deserves a replacement. “Most 18 year olds are able to ask their parents for money but I don’t have that privilege”. “If I must I will go to my store and bring he complaint there and speak to an employee with higher authority to help me. But be aware that this will be a waste of my time and money”.

I was about to reply but ohhhh, will you look at the time. Someone else can handle your crazy ass.

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