We auto-cancelled a ton of orders – "Hilarity" ensued.

Found out the promo we sent out a few weeks ago for a free product to be sent was a SECRET promotion/gift for a specific group of people (I’m saying they’re VIP clients). Only the very back end staff knew about it, since it pertained to their department and the clients they work with. I only found out about this retroactively because the link didn’t work and a few of those clients legitimately freaked out and messaged MY DEPARTMENT in addition to their intended contact. I’m assuming they didn’t want us to confuse it with another promo, which is a legit worry. We had two other promos with a similar code.

So our order volume pretty much tripled. Because we were all still in Christmas mode (go go go!), no one noticed until yesterday. Why? Some idiot had FOUR ORDERS being delivered to their address under four different accounts…and the driver was like “What?? This doesn’t look right.” Did some investigating and somehow the promo leaked. So those orders didn’t get sent out. The boss cancelled a bunch of orders.

What did we get? Angry people! So many angry people! A few understood after we explained the promo limitations. Others not so much. These were my favorite reactions with what I wish I was able to say:

Customer: How dare you not honor this promotion! I’m a long time customer!

Me: Well, you’re not on the VIP list, so I can’t give it to you. Also, long-time customer, this is your first order on your account. Your turn.

Customer: What kind of scam is this?!

Me: The kind that doesn’t want to give you free shit when you didn’t earn it?

Customer: Wow. Just wow. My mother gave me this code. She’s one of your VIP’s. What do you mean she’s not listed? She is. Would you tell your mother she’s not a VIP?

Me: Throwing Mom into the mix, huh? Let me check here and….OH! SO SORRY! SHE’S NOT A VIP! I can’t give you the promo. Tell your mom I hope she liked that you tried to use her.

Customer: You have no soul. This FREE order was supposed to be little Johnny’s birthday gift. The only gift he would be getting this year…. How can you live with yourself?

Me: I’m doing alright. What little money I managed to save went straight to my bills instead of new clothes that I desperately need. But I’m sure I can squeeze into these pants for a few more months. And how dare you bring back bad memories. I lost my soul years ago. Haven’t been able to find it. I miss my soul.

Customer: How can you work for a company like this?

Me: Well it beats living on the streets, you know? If I could quit right now, I would. I hate this place. But life is not a video game. I can’t just smash a box and hope there’s a loaf of bread inside.

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