“You’re ruining my kids Christmas!”

I work for a major cable/internet company in the billing department, and one of our policies is that we don’t hang up on customers, no matter what they are saying or calling us. The day after Christmas I had a lovely lady call in who had her internet service temporarily interrupted for non-payment, her last payment had been the end of September, and her service got cut the first part of December, so it wasn’t a new development. Long story short, she was upset because she had bought her kids the new Switch and they couldn’t use them because her internet wasn’t working. I told her that we could restore if we got the past due on the account, we didn’t even need the full balance. That wasn’t acceptable, she had spent all her money on Christmas so she wanted it restored without payment because she was such a “loyal customer.” After explaining to her that we couldn’t do that, that payment had to be received before service could be restored. Well for the next five mins this lady screamed at me over the phone calling me every single name under the sun and telling me how I was ruining her kids Christmas, and having her crying kids come on the phone and beg me to let them have the internet back. I felt sorry for those kids being used like that, but still, I can’t turn the services on, the system won’t allow it without payment. Finally the lady realized she wasn’t gonna get her service without payment so she finished up the call in the classiest way possible. By saying she hopes my kids die in their sleep and then hanging up.

What do you think?

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