Are you selling me a piece of junk?!?

I work for a car rental company, my main task as an agent is to make reservations.

At one point I used to be on the billing department for that same company, but I couldn’t deal with the rude customers and their stupidity. Being forced to deal with customers like that for 12 hours straight (I did overtime) 6 days a week will do wonders with you, I can assure you that. So now I work for Reservations, I still deal with rude customers, but it’s a lot easier to get rid of them, they’ll simply hang up if they don’t like the price. Anyways, this happened last Saturday.

Me: Me CC: Crazy Customer

Me: Thank you for calling Car Rental Company, my name is HenriquesDumbCousin, with whom do I have the pleasure to speak with today?

CC: I want to rent a car for a week.

Me: Sure, I can help you out, can you please tell me the pick up location and the dates?

(Customer gives me the pick up location and the dates, I give him our policies, everything normal so far. I’m forced to always offer a big car, but he wants the cheapest vehicle available, so I concede)

Me: Okay, with Unlimited miles and taxes and fees already included it would be an estimated total of $250 USD, would you like me to book this for you?

CC: Does that include the Insurance?

Me: No, insurance is $11 USD per day

CC: Okay, how much else would it be?

Me: It would be an estimated total of $330 USD, would you like me to book this for you?

CC: You keep saying “estimated”, why is that? Are you going to charge me more?

Me: We normally say “estimated” because we don’t know if you’re going to return the car later than expected or if you’re going to purchase any counter products.

CC: Counter products? What do you sell for counter products?

(At this point I know this is leading nowhere, but whatever, my shift is nearly over so I might as well provide more information)

Me: Well, you can get a GPS, we also have toddler seats, maybe a battery charger, stuff like that.

CC: Wait, what, you said battery charger?

Me: Yes, would you like me to attach a battery charger to the reservation?

CC: Are you selling me a piece of junk?

Me: … ehhh… no sir, that’s not the case.

CC: Then why would you offer me a battery charger? Why would a company offer a battery charger if their cars are not a piece of junk?

Me: I apologize, it’s just an optional product you can get if you want.

CC: Yes, but I want to know is why your company offers Battery Chargers in the first place.

Me: That’s what I see on my screen sir, a Battery Charger, it’s one of the products that we offer.

CC: But I’m the customer, I have a right to know why your company offers Battery Chargers.

Me: I guess someone on Corporate thought it would be a good idea to offer Battery Chargers, I don’t know sir.

CC: But I want to know why? I’m the customer, I have a right to know.

(This went on for 10 minutes, at one point I actually said “Are we really having this conversation?” “Yes HenriquesDumbCousin, I have a right to know why, so we’re having this conversation”. After ten tedious minutes CC asked how much it was, I told him it was only $20 USD for the full rental, and he finally moved on)

CC: It’s too expensive, you mentioned discounts, what kind of discounts do you offer?

Me: If you have a membership to a wholesale food company or an association we can drop the price a little (we are not allowed to provide examples).

(Customer gives me a weird company name, I look for it but I was unable to find anything)

CC: Listen HenriquesDumbCousin, as an agent you need to be better, you are frustrating me a lot.

(I whispered “likewise” and “takes one to know one”, but I doubt he heard it, he just kept telling me what a terrible agent I was)

Me: Do you have another discount?

(Kept saying the same company’s name like ten times, at this point I knew this moron wasn’t going to make a reservation, so I just gave up)

Me: Okay sir, I apologize but this is going nowhere, have a good night.

Hung up on him, we’re not allowed but at this point I didn’t care.

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