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Background: I work for a major clothing brand doing customer service email support. You’ve likely seen some of my other posts as we all know customer service is a gold mine for these things.

The following is an email I had the pleasure of handling from May 2018.

“I have sat through your Hulu ad about 18 times now because I tried to binge watch a show. Maybe more. I now hate you more than I ever did. I never respected you. You were the place I bought shorts when I couldn’t get to a target. Never again though. Your shirts were the same design as the next dress. Which was the same as the next kids shorts. And all awful. You are a trash factory that can’t even be defined by a decade. It’s awful for every generation. I don’t hope you all die in a fire. Just your clothes. I hope all the clothes die in a fire. Anyone who was a part of that ad though? I hope you all starve from never getting work again.”

I don’t even know where to start with this. Something tells me they were binge watching their show while binge drinking as well.

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