Yeah, can I make someone else pay my bill??

Today was slow and boring… Except for this call. I work inbound collections for an electric company.

greeting, blah blah

Customer: I have a shut off notice on my account, I was wondering if I had to pay my bill.

Me: I see that disconnect scheduled for , and to maintain your service, you have to pay $$$ by , or else we’ll disconnect your service and you’ll have to pay more.

Cust: Can the new owners pay it? I’m moving. Why do I have to pay?

Me: This bill is for the previous month, you are responsible for that amount.

Cust: I don’t see why the new owner can’t pay it.

Me: Well, when are you moving?

Cust: Mid December.

Me: Ok, you still are responsible for your bill and usage, as well as anything up until you move.

customer finally agrees to pay the minimum to keep the electric on…

I mean, seriously?? Trying to pawn her bill off on someone else. What if you moved into a new home, and to pay someone else’s delinquent bill? shakes head

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