No, I am not going to give you the password to someone else’s voice mail. Wait, maybe I will.

Dear /r/talesfromcallcenters,

Hopefully this isn’t too verbose for you. TLDR at the end. I’m pretty sure we’ve all read stories like this on here but I thought I’d share my own.

It was my first week on the phones after training. They set me up in the same bay where my supervisor and one of the team leads were located in case I ran into anything I couldn’t handle. Well this one I could only sort of handle – mostly I just did not know what to do with it.

Our cast:

Me- Yours truly

Lead- He knew it all but he was in the middle of a massive Exchange migration

Sup- Supervisor, of course

AM- Angry Manager

EE- Ex-employee

*phone rings*

Me: Thank you for calling the hel-

AM: I need my voice mail password reset or just give me the password NOW!

Me: Sure, I can help you with that. Just a moment while I verify your identity. I see you are and you’re on .

AM: Yes, but I need EE’s voice mail password reset, not mine!

*put the call on mute…*

Me: Hey, uh… Lead? Are we allowed to reset VM passwords but give the temp password to someone else?

Lead: No.

Me: Oh, well I…

Lead: What’s going on?

Me: I don’t actually know.

*takes caller off hold*

Me: We are not authorized to give the voice mail password out to employees who are not associated with the account.

AM: I need this done RIGHT NOW! This is impacting our clients! Just give me the password!! EE quit, but left a very inappropriate outgoing voice mail message. We have external clients calling this line. We need this stopped NOW! Can’t you make the incoming calls go somewhere else?

*feeling kinda bad for always bugging lead and assuming this is probably above his pay grade anyway, turns to supervisor*

Me: Hey Sup, this manager says their ex employee left an inappropriate message on their outgoing VM. They want me to reset the password then give them the temp password so they can change it. Is that allowed?

Sup: Dude, really? I wonder what it says?

Me: I don’t know but this lady’s really insistent. She wants the password yesterday.

Sup: Oh, yeah you just need to make sure they’re actually the person’s manager. Check the org chart. What’s that number we’re discussing?

Me: *provides extension, unmutes and asks for a few more seconds*

Sup: *pushes speaker button and dials extension*

Me: Ok, AM, I’ve got the phone software open now. I just need a moment to reset that password.

*From my supervisor’s phone, I hear the phone ringing. From my headset, I hear the phone ringing on the desk and then:*

AM: Oh good lord! Someone’s calling! Somebody grab it before…

*From my supervisor’s phone I hear a soft whisper of a click followed by the most hard core porn I’d ever heard at that point. I mean, full on screaming and slapping bodies. It lasted the entire 180 seconds we were given to record messages on our voice mail. The look on my supervisor’s face went from amused to mortified as he heard snickers and realized that everyone on the floor could hear the call.*

Me: I’ve reset the password, it’s XXXXXX…

AM hung up without so much as a thank you.

tldr: An employee that had apparently been treated very poorly was so upset with the company they recorded porn as their outgoing voice mail message.

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