What are the odds?!

So, i worked at a CC for a cable company that rhymes with Erect TV on the billing department for a couple months and one day an old man who I’m going to refer to as “John Smith” from now on called in.

So i knew he was going to be bad since the moment he asked: “Where are you located, are you from the US?” I go: i’m in Mexico, Tell me how can I help you? +Mumbles something and grunts. He says his bill went up, turns out it was just this $0.64 one time charge from the state or whatever, he insists he wasn’t supposed to be charged anything more than usual for 3 years… Asks for my supervisor, Now, if I needed a sup i had to raise my hand and wait for one to come up and give me the Extension, after about 8 min of him telling me to get him a supervisor i finally transfer him, the moment i let go of the call i realized i sent him to a wrong Ext. Screw it it’s my break now. -i go for my 15min break and when i come back.. -hello who am i talking to? +This is John Smith, didn’t i already talked to you before? I never got to the supervisor and you hung up on me! Then i transfer him normally and continued my day…

So this guy calls in a second time and of all the different call centers in different countries and cities not to mention the 100’s of reps on each one of them he gets ME?! Should’ve bought a lottery ticket…

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Yeah, can I make someone else pay my bill??

"but Amazon does it" language nsfw