What are some things caller say to you that would sound innocent to someone who doesn’t know your job but that you instantly recognize as indicators that "this call is gonna suck?"

I work as an insurance producer. If you need car or home insurance, you might talk to me. The little red flag I thought of today that made ask this is when someone calls and says:

“I just bought a car, and now, I want to know how much the insurance will cost.”

What this line really says to me is that this caller did things in the totally wrong order and probably aren’t very responsible. They just bought a car with no clue how much it will cost to insure. Paperwork has already been signed. Maybe they’ve already called some other companies for quotes and it’s slowly setting in for them that they’ve made a horrible mistake as they continue down their list of companies to call. Maybe they’ll just buy insurance to take it off the lot and then turn around and cancel; great, that’ll fuck up my metrics. People who aren’t responsible with money are often not responsible in other areas. They probably have a bad driving record, bad credit, and maybe a license suspension from unpaid tickets. Most people have the good sense to get a quote ahead of time, but now there’s about an 90% I’m gonna spend 20 minutes on this call to give a quote they can’t afford. Ill probably get my favorite question afterwards: “Why is it so high?” It’s not high, not for this car with this coverage and your record. Maybe if you would have spent an hour doing some research before you put down $5000 and signed a loan you would have known that. Have a nice day.

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