Very amusing call from today

Backstory: I make outbound calls and work for a financial institution. I’ve been in the call centre world for a long time and nothing much rattles me or surprises me anymore.

I called an existing customer today to sell a service that we offer. Someone claiming to be a relative answers and tells me person I’m looking to speak to is completely deaf.

My response was ok, no problem. This is a courtesy call and if we’re not able to speak to him that’s fine. I’ll disposition the call and move on.

Here’s where it gets crazy: the relative starts insulting and threatening me to give him specific info on the account. I explained that I cannot due to privacy and security issues. He kept up the insults calling me “a terrible person” and “hope you have a terrible Christmas” etc etc. Threatened to escalate things to the highest supervisor possible and hopes I “end up working for a car wash(lol wtf?)”.

After each threat he would ask again if I’m ready to answer his question–basically give him account info. It was pretty obvious he was being intimidating on purpose and trying to fish for info. I kept telling him no, sorry I’m not allowed to discuss the account with anyone except the account holder.

Finally he got tired of going around in circles and I gave him the main customer service number. Maybe they can help him.

I’m really proud that I stayed polite and professional. Just to clarify too because we’re doing outbound calling we have to make sure we’re speaking to the account holder. The account holder can give verbal permission for us to speak with a family member but we can’t give out any information otherwise. If the account holder can’t speak for whatever reason we can disposition the call as such and move on. This isn’t anything urgent we’re calling about.

Not much of a story but I thought the over-the-top insults were funny!

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