We need to send a technician.

I have 5 years of customer service experience under my belt so whenever I call customer service or tech support I’m very nice but yesterday they really tested my patients.

My internet suddenly stopped working so I began a chat with the tech support of my internet provider. I had already reset the modem and everything so whenever he did not acknowledge anything that I said throughout the whole chat and just said I need to send a technician, I ended the chat. It’s my call you then that frustrated me more. me is me and she is NoExplanationAmy.

NoExplanationAmy: thank you for calling tech support my name is NoExplanationAmy how can I help you?

Me: on your website it’s days that my service had been temporarily disconnected and that it would resolve itself soon but it’s been all day and it’s still not working. I already chatted with you guys and so I’ve done all your reset processes.

NoExplanationAmy: I do see that you chatted with us earlier let’s see what the issue is (so she starts having me check the LEDs to see which are turn on and working and stuff, after this she says) okay, so we’re going to have to have an technician go look at this.

Me: Okay… But I work all day… Hmmm, tell me what your schedules are? Also, I want to know why your website says I have no connection and it will resolve shortly but you think this requires a technicians help?

NoExplanationAmy: I’ve got a number for you to write down for the day the technician will go.

Me: No, I want to know what’s going on first.

NoExplanationAmy(frustrated): the modem is not sending it signals, we need the technician to go.

Me: oh, okay. What are your dates and times available?

NoExplanationAmy: I have your confirmation number for the date.

Me: can I gave the dates first and times? I don’t know if I’m going to be here if you just schedule it like that.

She finally gave me the information and I dey it up but like in the worst mood ever. Like I get it that you’re tired because it’s almost midnight and you’re still working but I’m telling you the first person I talked to literally ignored all my issues and you’re just going to leave me hanging out not even be sympathetic?

I treated her right I just didn’t think it necessary for her to be so good and non explicative.

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