Client demands to speak with software developers because her password needs resetting. Another women doesn’t know what the internet is but wants online banking.

Long rant post with two stories, and lots of complaining also from me. Probably not that great of a post. But I needed to vent.
I am on mobile so sorry for bad formatting.

Me: “Hi thank you for calling [Bank name] this is Cosmolife, can I have your name please?”
Forgetful Grump: “Yes! My name is Forgetful Grump, and I’m having trouble with my online banking. I’m sick of this! All the time this happens. I think I’m going to need someone high up!”
Me: “Thank you Mrs. Grump. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I specialize in online banking, I’ll be happy to help.”
Forgetful Grump “Well all the time this happens! There is something wrong with your site! I need to talk with someone who works with developing your tech programs! Something needs to be done!”
Me: “Well Mrs. Forgetful Grump, I do handle online banking support, and I can document your troubles to have it researched. But as of right now, I can help and I’m sure we can get you online in no time.”
Forgetful Grump: “It’s not just that! I need to know why! Why! Why does this keep happening?!”
Me: “Well, I do see here, it’s requiring a passcode reset. So that’s why it won’t let you in. So a reset is what we need to do.”
Forgetful Grump: “No! I’m not resetting my password! I need to talk to someone higher! This is ridiculous. Why? Why is this happening?! That’s what I need to know. Why this keeps happening.”
(We are always told not to blame the clients with things, try to indirectly name the issue, so I’m trying to skirt around the issue nicely.)
Me: “I certainly understand the frustration of trouble with online banking. But the only reason this happens is when the password is typed incorrect. It could be some as simple as cap locks getting stuck or a key sticking. But ultimately the solution is changing the passcode.”
Forgetful Grump: “No! It’s only [company name] I bank with Chase, and have a Macy’s card! Doesn’t happen with them! I need someone higher up!”
(my poor manager is on an escalation, another is brewing for another dumb issue from my teammate behind me and there is only one other manager. Descalation is really best for small issues. I also had a escalation only a couple days ago, trying to not have a ton.)
Me: “Mrs. Grump, again I know it’s frustrating and I see like you’ve said you’ve changed your passcode quite a bit, I completely understand. But ultimately the only thing we can do right now is reset the passcode. There isn’t another tech department to get you with or anything more someone here can do. I will report your issues to our tech team to have it looked into but they aren’t a department that accepts incoming calls.”
Forgetful Grump “No! This is ridiculous. I’m not stupid! I know how to spell! It’s your site! I’m so over this! You aren’t listening. I need this fixed! It’s not me! It’s your awful site!”
(I’ve lost my patience with this lady. It’s going on 7 minutes of her refusing to get on the computer, and carrying on and trying to talk to someone “higher up.” So now I need to not be so bubbly.)
Me: “Mrs. Grump. I can assure you there is nothing wrong with the online banking. If something was, we have millions of customers we would be having endless calls and know about it. I’ve had the same password myself for years. There is nothing that needs to be done. So if you would like me to help with resetting your password, that’s what we can offer for you at this present time.”
Forgetful Grump: “You know what! I’ve had enough of you! You’re so rude! Absolutely ridiculous! Horrible service! Horrible website! I’m leaving this bank!” * click *

I cant stand people. This lady literally signs in once a month and resets her passcode by calling us every single time. I know it’s not good, but I’ve had the same passcode for four years. And the couple times online banking did have an issue it was call after call after call. I can’t stand people who just can’t admit they are stupid and don’t know passwords.

I have no patience for tech support. Luckily only a small portion of my calls are for online banking. And most of them is someone who can’t figure out how to get to our website or forgot their password. It’s rare there is actually a true issue.

It took me like 10 minutes yesterday of trying to explain what “the internet” is to someone, because what she needed, required the full site, not the app.
Me: “Can you open your browser?”
Her: “What’s that?”
Me: “The Internet.”
Her: “What do you mean?”
Me: ”Uhh like when you want to get on a website, the thing you go on to get there.”
Her: “I’m confused”
Me: “Okay do you have a website you like? Like do you shop online?”
Her: “Well yea, amazon and Walmart! I love them!”
Me: ”Okay, Walmart, you go on their site right? Like you open something, which is the internet and put their name in go on the site?”
Her: “No. They have a thing on my tablet I just click.”
Me: “Oh, like an app?”
Her: “Uhh. Yea.”
Me:“Okay, well I see in the past you’ve used Chrome, do you have a colorful circle that says “Chrome” or “Google Chrome” on the main screen of your tablet?”
Her: “Uhm. Uhh. Colorful circle? Ugh you’re confusing me. What is it called?”
Me: “Chrome. Google Chrome. Like if you need to look something up online or visit a place you don’t have an app for, where do you go?”
Her: “Oh, well I have google. I can ask Google.”
Me: “Oh, okay, great. That will work”
Her: “What do I ask google?”
Me: “Ask for [Bank name] online banking.”

I can’t stand people that try to use online banking when they have no business using devices. It’s always these people giving their info to scammers and creating giant messes. Just keep it old school. Use checks and a resister and call us if you have trouble with your balance or need to know if something cleared. I know it probably makes me a jerk to say that, everyone has to learn and they didn’t grow up with it like myself. But please at least know basics before you decide to put banking online. 😫

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