Enjoy waiting weeks to solve what I could have solved in 5 minutes! (Xpost r/maliciouscompliance)

(I have about 50,000 tales from the call center but crossposted this on advice from r/maliciouscompliance)

I work for a large insurance company in a department designed to help agents with questions about any aspect of their operations. I specifically assist with a special kind of bookkeeping. With the exception of senstive information only accessible by the agent, the resources we use are the exact same ones as what the agents have, so we generally try to not only answer the question, but explain the process/resource so next time they can handle it in office. Normally agent staff members call and are pleasant and interested in learning. When the agents themselves call, you basically know off the bat that they will be rude and entitled.

This agent in particular was asking one of the few questions that would require him to open up a file on his computer I didn’t have access to- not a difficult process, literally just open a commonly accessed file and read a number to me.

Me: If you’ll go ahead and access your final deposit and take a look at the-

Agent: Hey, I’m not interested in hearing this. Just tell me the answer.

Me: Sir, the only way for me to get the answer is if you’ll-

Agent: My time is worth more than this, that’s why I called you to do it.

Me: Yes but-

Agent: Just tell me the answer!

Me: One moment while I see if there is any alternate way to get this information.

At this point, I place him on hold and relay the conversation to my neighbor, who confirms that the only other option would be to escalate a ticket to second level support, but they would really just be calling him to tell him exactly what I was trying to say. I happen to know that the support team is about 4 weeks behind on their tickets and it’s only getting worse by the day. Even though this guy is rude, I want to give him the chance again to solve his problem in 5 minutes instead of a month.

Me: Sir, unless you want me to open a ticket, we can easily find the information if you’ll just-

Agent: Just open the fucking ticket! I told you my time isn’t worth this!

Me: Certainly. I’ll get that ticket started for you right away. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Agent: Yeah, can you mark my ticket priority?

Me: Nope! Have a nice day!

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