“This call isn’t going anywhere”

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For background, I work in insurance as customer service. I give out benefit information to providers and members, handle claims, update eligibility info, and a host of other things. We are not allowed to give out the full details of a policy over the phone due to high call volume, but rather can send a fax with the details and provide additional info after that.

Entitled provider will be EP, I will be Me.

Me: generic greeting

EP: I’m calling for a full breakdown of benefits.

Me, after getting all my hipaa info: ok I see that you requested a fax already, what additional information can I help you with.

EP: well no I need a full breakdown

Me: I’m sorry, we aren’t allowed to give a full verbal breakdown, but I can help you with additional codes.

EP: I always get a full breakdown

Me: we are not allowed to do that ma’am

EP: since when?

Me: that’s been the policy for several years now

EP: ok well can you give me the coverage for -random benefit that I don’t get asked often-

Me: sure, what’s the procedure code for that?

EP: I don’t know!

Me: ok, I can look it up.

EP, while I’m looking it up: what about -other procedure that is definitely on the fax-?

Me: that one is going to be on page X of your fax.

EP: well this conversation isn’t going anywhere, I’m just going to review the fax and call back!


Me, internally: well, that’s literally what you were supposed to do in the first place, so thanks!

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