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Another story here reminded me of a call I had with an account holders exGF.

I was working for a car insurance, inbound only.
We germans love our cars and being insured, and driving a uninsured car is actually illegal.

Me: intro

Ex: “I’m calling about account not in her name

Me: “Well, I can’t tell you anything about that, do you have a general question?”

Ex: “Yeah, it’s my ex-boyfriends insurance that I pay for, I don’t know where he lives anymore and I wanted to ask how I can stop paying for this?”

Me: verifies that we, indeed, deduct the money from a bank account in her name “Well, the easiest way for you would be to tell your bank that we aren’t allowed to deduct from your account anymore, I can’t make changes to our account without ‘her exes’ consent, but if we don’t get money we’ll try to reach him to make a change…”

Ex: “Is the adress in the account still X? Because thats my adress and he doesn’t live here anymore. What happens then?”

Me “I can’t give you the details on here (She was right though) but if we can’t find him, either the collection agency will, or the police will, to take his car out of traffic.”

Now something broke and I got to play the confident for her.
Apparently, this was not the only contract she had paid for him.
He also had racked up a 300€ mobile bill in her name, namely by not only being on the phone a lot, but by also adding his new Gfs teenage kid to the contract.
He had also gone shopping with said gf and teen, from a joint bank account he had never contributed too.
To top it all off, he had a habit of speeding, and the only way she knew where he was, was because his speeding tickets where still send to her adress.

I sure hope she finally cancelled the deductions, but as I found two previous call-notes on the same topic,I doubt it.

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