I was Santa’s helper once

With it being top a-hole season, I thought I’d share one that still makes me smile:

At my last call center job, I helped in calling customers for back ordered items, and did my best to offer alternates. I want to say about half of these people were angry with me and declared I ruined Cindy Sue and Little Timmy’s Christmas…FOREVER…because this year was going to be the year they realized “The Truth!” Side note: Why the hell would you promise your kid Santa was going to get them a specific item? Why? ALWAYS have a back up plan.

So halfway through the morning, I’m already prepped to hear this every call. I ended up speaking with a dad who was quick on his feet. There was a product his kid REALLY wanted for Christmas and we were all out of his preferred color. But we had it in another color. Dad says “Oh, I don’t know if he’ll like that one. Can you do me a BIG favor? (whispers) Can you pretend to be Santa’s elf so we can ask him?” I reply with “Uh, yeah. I can do that.” I do my best to duck further into my cubicle and find the spot where you can least hear everyone else around me.

Dad: Son! Santa’s workshop is calling. They said they have a question for you?

Son: Really? Okay. (Gets on phone) Hello?

Me: (Picks up tone so I sound way chipper than I usually sound) Hi! My name is Hearty. Santa needed my help so he asked me to call you. Santa says he’s really sorry, but he doesn’t have the Color anymore. If you want the Color, it won’t be ready for Christmas. He was wondering if it is okay if he sends you the Alternate color.

Son: Awe. That’s okay. He can send the Alternate Color.

Me: Great! I’ll let Santa know right away. He’ll be glad to hear.

Son: I’m just happy he’s checking. Can you tell Santa I said for him to be safer this year? It’s snowing a lot and I don’t want him to be hurt.

Me: Of course! You have a safe Christmas, too.

Son: You, too.

Sweetest kid ever. Awesome dad, too.

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