They told me they were transferring me to the president!

This is my first post in this sub and I’m very excited. I’m on mobile, so I apologize about any formatting errors. This isn’t a story about a bad customer but more about the bullshit I have to deal with from our neighbour company.

For some background, I work for a Canadian company that is under a large umbrella of many companies with the same name. Can’t be too specific without it being very obvious, so for example, let’s say I work for Larrys credit cards, but there also exists Larrys interior decor company and Larrys home renovation. We have absolutely nothing to do with the other companies other than our rewards program and they will milk that to transfer any customer they can our way.

ME is going to be I, CC is going to be confused customer

ME: Thanks for calling Larry’s bank, my name is marijuangel, how can I help you?

CC: Wait… they just transferred me back into queue? WHAT THE HELL! They told me they were transferring me to the PRESIDENT!

ME: I’m so sorry sir, I’ll do my best to figure this out for you and get you over to the correct place. Do you mean a supervisor?

CC: No? They said they’d be transferring me to the president of Larry’s home renovation-

ME: Oh, no, I’m actually with Larry’s bank.

CC: Larry’s BANK? I didn’t even know Larry’s had a BANK!

ME: Contained laughter cause wtf

CC: They told me I would be able to talk to their president, why would they transfer me to you?!?

ME: I did not have an answer for this guy I really don’t know sir, I’m so sorry this happened.

CC: Well can you transfer me to their president?

ME: Feeling horrible for this guy Unfortunately, all I can do is transfer you back into their queue..

CC: Goddamn it, I fucking hate those guys so much!

ME: I can’t say I blame you sir.

CC: Ok, just transfer me back in there I’m ready!

Calls like these happen so often it’s crazy but I’ve never gotten one where they claimed they’d be transferring them to the “president”. Lmfao.

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