Thank you Spectrum….

My story is that of the consumer:

I logged into Spectrum and decided to sign up for Spectrum’s Triple Play, which was offered to me as a selection. It fully processed. Lo, and behold, several weeks later (and many episodes of Impractical Jokers and Army Football), I received the bill. Apparently, even though it was offered, it was not processed correctly and I was charged a la carte for premium channels which should have been included.

First Call to Spectrum: Super nice and understood the problem. Even said that he would have the process looked at, as it should not have shown as an option for me. Approximate time to adjust bill: 5 days.

Second Call to Spectrum, and 15 days later: Nothing changed. Again, super friendly, I explained the situation again and apparently there was information in my account, but no ticket created. I asked for assistance, and she was great (Thanks Tampa, FL Call Center). I offered to pay for the services I received at the rate I was quoted, but going forward, said I would cancel.

Turns out, I was in a grace period, and she fully cancelled service back to the day I started. The second lady to confirm all this was again, super positive and nice.

So, thank you to Spectrum customer service. Everyone was nice, and while there was a process failure and lack of ticket created, I was very pleased with the professionalism and support all the way through.

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