Customer emails: A collection

I have quite a few so I’ll be lumping some of the shorter interactions in one post so I’m not doing it repeatedly. Background info: I work for a major fashion retailer. Here we go!

Email 1: Logo Guy “What is wrong with you? Most people don’t want head to toe logo, much less any logo. I don’t have your sales data but only douchie people and Eastern Europeans want logos.”

Email 2: Bicycle Theft “I see your company is lacking any kind of moral standard. Your commercial for girls dresses is disgusting. You should girls walking down a country path only to steal bicycles from a group of young men. Are you saying that [company] approved of bicycle theft? If not you should looking into the company that is doing your marketing.”

Email 3: Christmas music (same guy from Bicycle Theft) “The music you play on your Christmas commercials makes me want to support the war on Christmas. It is horrendous and I hit the mute button or change the channel every time it comes on.”

Email 4: Bait and Switch. This one is a bit longer so buckle up.

customer emails about a promo they tried to use and we responded by saying the terms and conditions state it cannot be combined with any others (terms and conditions were then posted in the email) BS Guy: actually it doesn’t stare that you can’t use it offers. I’ll just take it up with the Connecticut attorney generals office. That’s called bait and switch which is highly illegal in Connecticut. I also have a copy of your corrected email sent out on Saturday which states that the same promotion can be used on top of the motion in store. I will post this ridiculous comment to social media. I have both your companies emails regarding this promotion. Your company screwed up with this typographical error. That’s your problem not mine. I will let people now on social media that your company baits and switches promotions on people. I work in retail and I’m fully aware of the laws that governs coupons.”

we respond and apologize for the frustration and that it has been forwarded to the appropriate leadership

BS Guy: “Like I said I’ll take it up with the appropriate agency and will be posting to social media so others can see and decide to not shop with you. I have unsubscribed to your emails. Your ridiculous answer shows you have no interest in customer concerns. I see why [company] isn’t doing well as a company and losing another customer isn’t gonna help that. Clearly your company isn’t paying attention. I want the names and email address for the head of your customer service as well as your director of stores contact information.”

*we respond with the information for our customer relations department *

BS Guy: “Give me the names and emails I requested. It’s not hard. I don’t need to call as I have better things to do then sit on a phone. I want all contact in writing. As it will be posted on social media. I’m really done with your ridiculous responses, I don’t expect to hear from you again unless it contains what I requested.”

We don’t email again.

Aaaaand I think that will end this particular post. I’ll likely do another soon. I have a whole list of saved emails.

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