The one where we were discriminating against non disabled people.

I work in a call center where I take chats and email for a UK based company that provides TV services.

Since we are an online TV service we do not have a phone number except for disabled people, we have a special accessibility team in place.

SA = Sarcastic Asshole

Me = Me

I don’t remember the exact conversation but here we go –

Me – Thanks for contacting company name you are talking to being_bi. How can I help you?

SA – I need a number to call please as I need to close my accounts.

Me – Hi there! Sorry we do not have a number because we are an online service we are only available via Live Chat and Email.

SA – That’s a lie. I know I have called you people before.

Me – The number you might have called is for our Broadband team as we do not have have a number for TV team.

SA – Goes into a rant amount how this is against the rules of disability act

Me – Realising that he is disabled, quickly informed him we do have a accessibility team and gave him a link to contact them

SA – See! You do have a number. Why couldn’t you say that when I first asked you?

Me – Since you did not mention that you were specially abled I did not provide the number to you.

SA – Oooh. You are guys are discriminating against other people now? Nice.

Me – This number is only for people who are unable to use Live Chat or Email.

SA – People in wheelchair can’t chat?

Me – There are other forms of disability as well.

SA – You are so dim you still haven’t provided me the number.

Me – The number is in the link that I have provided you.

SA – I’m not calling that number (because he will be billed for it)

SA – So are not going to help me?

Me – I’m here to help you out.

SA – I bet your mom is soooo proud of you.

Me – Ignores it because customer service and shit Asks him for details to access his account

SA – Leaves the chat

Now I KNOW I wasn’t exactly polite here but fuck that. Also he said something along the lines of of “We call people like you pig or something* because he thought I was being ignorant by not giving him a number. This isn’t a word to word conversation but close enough. I guess it’s safe to say I was pissed af.

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