Just close your bank account!

I actually said this to a customer at the job today. I work at a call centre for a big bank, and lost my shit. Well, it’s not surprising given that I’ve been there for 3 +/- years and never took a break.

So here’s what happened:

We were completely understaffed. Maybe 8 on the floor when there should have been at least 20.

A very angry guy with a heavy NYC accent calls in with recurring charges that he just became aware of from a big department store, claiming that he has many credit cards to his name and couldn’t keep track of them all.

I gave him options but he kept on cutting me off, complaining on and on. He then said that he should just go ahead and close his bank account, and I told him to go right ahead, if it makes him feel better and gives him peace of mind. He then said, “THIS CONVERSATION IS RECORDED THAT’S THE SERVICE I GET ESCALATE ME BLAH BLAH BLAH”

So after putting him on hold for over six minutes to catch my breath before telling him to go get fucked (which luckily didn’t happen), I blocked the merchant and routed the case. I then started panicking and apologised, telling him what was exactly happening, that we:

  • were highly understaffed
  • there was no time between calls
  • the stress levels were too high due there being no time between calls
  • our bank aims to protect and help him, and that I was sorry for losing it, and to please try to understand that it was an insane day

At the end we ended the conversation on good terms, he said that he completely understood, and I did everything in my power to help the guy.

Hopefully nothing horrible will happen after this dramatic verbal interchange between customer/representative.

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